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In the heart of Ipswich, Stanford Legal stands tall; not just as a law firm, but as an emblem of unwavering commitment to those who defend our nation.

How We Ensure Home Loans for Defence Personnel

At Stanford, we recognise the unique challenges faced by individuals working in defense when they apply for a home loan. We are committed to removing these obstacles, ensuring a smooth and supportive journey towards homeownership. Discover how we can assist you further.

Our Founder’s Journey

Born from Logan’s personal journey, our firm embodies the transition from the disciplined world of the military to the often complex nature of legal practice. Logan’s experience, particularly with challenges defence personnel and veterans can face in the outside world, moulded the ethos of Stanford Legal. With roots in military life, the firm offers personalised solutions tailored to defence personnel and veterans, including in depth knowledge around CSC (Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation) Superannuation and Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

A Touch of Understanding in a Complex World

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Law and legalities are overwhelming. That’s why we bring empathy, understanding and, most importantly, familiarity. Our team, deeply connected to military life’s realities, ensures that every military personnel veteran finds not just legal advice, but a partner who understands their journey.

Aligning with 'Soldier On'

Our commitment to the defence community is highlighted in our alliance with ‘Soldier On’. Being part of the recommended providers’ panel, we extend our services beyond legal advice, offering financial support too.

The firm’s dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. With our sister company bagging a state award at the finance awards for their contributions to the defence community, Stanford Legal continues to shine with our guidance and unwavering support for our nation’s heroes.

Areas of Practice

We’re your Family Lawyers for Ipswich. Family Law is at the heart of our services at Stanford Legal. We understand the intricacies of family dynamics, particularly when it comes to children. Our approach is rooted in empathy and understanding. We’ll do everything in our power to reach resolutions amicably. We champion the rights of your child and aim to empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. We’re the experts that care.

As your dedicated Property Lawyers for Ipswich, we’re at the forefront of Property Law and conveyancing solutions. Property transactions, whether residential or commercial, involve significant investments both emotionally and financially. Our role is to streamline this process, ensuring it’s transparent and seamless. Whether you’re buying a home, selling commercial property or navigating property disputes, we’re here to guide you with unmatched expertise and genuine care.

For Commercial legal matters we go the extra mile to make sure everything in your domain is airtight. If you don’t like attention to detail, tenacity and a consistently proactive approach, then we’re not the legal experts for you.

With Wills and Estates Law, we have a painstaking eye for detail and unrivalled service that’s personal to your circumstances to safeguard your legacy.



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