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Domestic violence cases can be complex and challenging for all involved. With our years of experience and expertise, we’re renowned as the most trusted and dedicated domestic violence lawyers for the Ipswich area. We offer a compassionate yet highly professional approach to your domestic violence matter.
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If you’re facing domestic violence, knowing where to turn for help can be overwhelming. 

At Stanford Legal, we’re committed to offering clear, practical legal support during these tough times. 

Our team understands the sensitivity and urgency of your situation. 

We focus on providing straightforward advice and effective legal strategies to protect you and your family. 

With a strong emphasis on clear communication and personal care, we’re here to guide you through the legal process, step by step, ensuring you feel supported and informed at every turn.

Schedule a free initial consultation with our Ipswich domestic violence lawyers today to learn how we can support you during this difficult time.

Stanford Legal's commitment to domestic violence matters

Choosing the right legal representation in matters as significant as domestic violence is critical. Here are the reasons Stanford Legal stands apart:

Our domestic violence legal support services

Domestic violence law can cover a huge area. Our expertise extends across:
Protection and restraining orders:

Also known as Domestic Violence Orders (DVO), we assist in filing for and obtaining protection orders to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Our team guides you through the process, from application to enforcement, ensuring you understand your rights and the protection available to you.

Family Law matters

Our services include legal support for related family law issues, such as child custody and support, to ensure the well-being of your children and secure a stable future for your family.

Confidential legal advice and counseling

We offer confidential legal advice to help you understand your options and make informed decisions. This includes guidance on how to document incidents of domestic violence, which can be crucial for legal proceedings.

Divorce proceedings

If you’re considering separation or divorce as a result of domestic violence, our lawyers can help navigate the legal aspects, ensuring a fair and just resolution for property settlements, financial support, and other related matters.

Representation in court

Should your case go to court, our experienced lawyers are prepared to represent you, advocating for your rights and working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome.

Do I need a lawyer to help with my domestic violence case?

If you’re experiencing domestic violence, having an advocate who comprehensively understands your rights and the complexities of the law is crucial.

We can help you navigate the legal system and achieve an outcome that supports the well-being of you and your family. 

It will help ensure your safety and secure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Legal assistance in domestic violence cases is not just about the law, it’s about making things less stressful for you.

We provide empathetic support, ensuring that you feel heard, respected, and confident that we’re by your side every step of the way. 

Our Values

Big enough to be experts. Small enough to care.

Empathy – Whether you’re seeking to buy a new property or facing the stresses of organising child living arrangements – we’ll treat your matter with complete empathy maintained with total objectivity. Everyone deserves a fair resolution and achieving this through amicable means is our first port of call.

Education – You’ll be educated in your legal matter from our initial consultation right until its conclusion. We’ll provide you all the tools necessary so you can navigate the legal process with confidence. This helps to remove your stress and put your best foot forward.

Empowerment – A natural byproduct of our first two values, you’ll gain the empowerment to feel in control of your individual case. You’ll have the confidence when it comes to understanding what’s happening and what actions to take next. We make your most important life decisions with you, not for you.

Schedule your free initial consultation today

Reach out to Stanford Legal today for compassionate legal guidance.

We offer free initial consultations to help educate you on the best way to proceed depending on your situation.

We’ll provide the support and expertise you need to navigate this challenging time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does domestic violence impact child custody and parenting arrangements?

In Australia, the Family Law Act prioritises the best interests of the child, which includes protecting them from physical or psychological harm from being subjected to, or exposed to, abuse, neglect, or family violence. If domestic violence is a factor, courts take it very seriously when making parenting orders. The presence of domestic violence may impact custody and parenting arrangements significantly, leading to supervised visits or limited access for the parent involved in violence to ensure the child’s safety and wellbeing.

Yes, in Australia, a protection order, commonly known as a Domestic Violence Order (DVO), can be modified or extended. The individual in need of protection, or the police, can apply to the court for changes to the conditions of the order or for an extension of its duration. This is particularly relevant if circumstances change, or if there’s an ongoing risk to the safety of the person protected by the order. The process involves filing an application with the court, and a hearing may be required to decide on the modification or extension.

Victims of domestic violence in Australia have access to a range of resources during the legal process, including legal advice, counselling services, and support groups. Legal Aid provides free legal advice and representation for eligible individuals. There are also specialised domestic violence units and community legal centres that offer support and advice. Furthermore, the National Domestic Violence Hotline offers immediate support, and organisations like 1800RESPECT provide counselling and referrals for victims of domestic and family violence.

The time it takes to resolve a domestic violence case in an Australian court can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case, the court’s schedule, and whether it’s contested. An interim order can be issued relatively quickly, often on the same day the application is made, to provide immediate protection. However, for a final order to be made, especially if the order is contested, it might take several months. It’s important for individuals involved in such cases to prepare for a process that can be lengthy and to seek support from legal professionals and support services throughout.



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