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Entering into a consent order is an effective way to finalise property, financial or parenting arrangements without lengthy court proceedings. Stanford Legal's expertise in this field ensures your interests are protected, and the consent order reflects a fair and amicable resolution, consistent with the requirements of consent orders in QLD.
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Clear your path with consent orders

Our commitment to creating a streamlined, transparent consent order process stands unrivalled. Partnering with us ensures:

Solutions For You: Tailored specifically to your circumstances, we help with consent orders that reflect your unique situation and requirements.
Expert Guidance: Navigate the complex world of consent orders with our in-depth expertise, ensuring each agreement meets the legal requisites for consent orders in QLD.
Clear Communication: Simplifying legal jargon, we offer explanations that are easy to understand, ensuring you remain informed throughout.

Advantages of utilising consent orders with Stanford Legal

The choice to employ a consent order can bring numerous benefits:
Amicable resolutions:

By agreeing mutually on outcomes, the potential for future disputes reduces greatly.


Avoiding court disputes translates to saving you both time and money.

Legally binding:

Once approved, these orders have the same effect as a court order, offering security and enforceability.

Our Values

Big enough to be experts. Small enough to care.

Empathy – Whether you’re seeking to buy a new property or facing the stresses of organising child living arrangements – we’ll treat your matter with complete empathy maintained with total objectivity. Everyone deserves a fair resolution and achieving this through amicable means is our first port of call.

Education – You’ll be educated in your legal matter from our initial consultation right until its conclusion. We’ll provide you all the tools necessary so you can navigate the legal process with confidence. This helps to remove your stress and put your best foot forward.

Empowerment – A natural byproduct of our first two values, you’ll gain the empowerment to feel in control of your individual case. You’ll have the confidence when it comes to understanding what’s happening and what actions to take next. We make your most important life decisions with you, not for you.

Your consent order with our expertise

Our understanding of the complexities involved in consent orders is unparalleled. Your consent order, with our expertise, will ensure you a smooth passage through one of life’s more challenging moments.

As you seek resolutions, especially in light of your unique circumstances, our team is ready to guide, educate and empower you.

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Consent Order FAQs


Once a consent order is sealed by a judge, it becomes legally binding on all parties involved. This means that the terms outlined in the order must be adhered to, just like any other court order. The order typically covers aspects related to property division, spousal maintenance, and any parenting arrangements. Compliance is mandatory, and failure to adhere to the terms can lead to legal consequences, including enforcement actions by the court. If you do not fully understand your obligations under the order, seek legal advice from a family lawyer to ensure you are clear about your responsibilities.

Consent orders can be overturned or varied, but this is only possible under specific circumstances. 

A court may consider changing or setting aside a consent order if there has been a significant change in circumstances since the order was made, if there was a material non-disclosure that affected the terms of the order, or if the order was made based on fraud or duress. 

Overturning a consent order requires a formal application to the court, and the process can be complex. Legal representation is highly recommended to navigate this process effectively.

Once the parties have agreed on the terms and all necessary documents have been properly drafted and submitted, it may take several weeks to a few months for the court to review and seal the orders. 

However, the total time from the beginning of negotiations to the finalisation of the consent orders can be longer, especially if there are delays in reaching an agreement or if additional information is required by the court.

Stanford Legal’s family lawyers can help streamline this process, ensuring all documents are correctly prepared and submitted promptly.



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